trusted solutions for optimal performance against the elements

Our Story

Since 1970, WEATHERBEATER has been delivering quality, long-lasting solutions for homeowners and professionals through its trusted paint, stain and exterior product line formulated to prepare and protect homes from harsh weather conditions. WEATHERBEATER’S heritage of performance innovation and advanced weather protection built the foundation for WEATHERBEATER® to become the preferred brand by more homeowners for reliable exterior home protection than any other.

Today, WEATHERBEATER® continues its mission to provide products that offer optimal performance against the elements. Our products are ready to take on the demands of today’s weather conditions and meet the needs of DIYers and contractors alike. From day one, satisfaction, as always, is guaranteed.

Our Vision

By combining high quality, durable products with value-driven prices, WEATHERBEATER is committed to delivering the go-to products formulated for guaranteed, long-lasting, high performance exterior home improvement results against nature’s harshest elements. Guaranteed.

Our Products

Trust WEATHERBEATER to help you make a distinctive statement while providing superior protection, with our highly rated, premium quality exterior paints to stand up to weather conditions and protect exterior surfaces.

An Elevated Product Offering

The Portfolio of WEATHERBEATER® products are:

    • Professional Grade Quality
    • Value-Driven 
    • Weather Protectant and Climate Suitable
    • Easy to Use
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Would you like to know more?

In whatever colors your imagination can dream of, explore the range of colors and grades to satisfy any range of home improvement priorities. Satisfaction Guaranteed.